Saturday, September 15, 2012

That Punk Procrastination: My Weight Loss Enemy

In 2010, I decided that I wanted to loose some weight. Well that's lie. My doctor told me that it was in my best interest to lose some weight. Of course I was agast, well not really. I wanted to be healthy so I was game.

I started a program and began to lose the weight. I felt really good. I started working out and walking and dropped three clothes sizes which made me feel even better. And then it happened...I STALLED!

I would work out sporadically and of course I gained a few poounds back. Every month since then I have been telling myself that I was going to start doing this and that. But I haven't. Procrastination has become my friend. Along with this procrastination came the retiurn of my two weaknesses, bread and Wavy Lays potatoe chips. Those evil people at Lays have it out for me. (Lol)

I am going to lie and say I weighed 200 pds and tell the truth and say that I lost 35 pounds. I have officially gained back 10 of those. But I have found some motivation..

Yesterday I read the Essence article on Jill Scott. Ms Scott recently shed  60 pounds. She has always been someone I admire (and I don't admire many) her beauty, her style, her music, her grace, just the person she is in general. The forumla for her weight loss is one that I think I can follow. "Eating more vegetables, avoiding bread and pasta (going to struggle with this but I can do it) and evercising" She is also following the principles of  Dr. Peter D'Adamo's  blood type diet and is staying away from foods that have been deemed incompatible with her blood type. I have already downloaded Blood Type Diet from Amazon for my Kindle. I am going to make this work for me. She is my MOTIVATION!!!!

Along with this formula I am going to start with Weight Watchers again. I believe that being accountable to something or someone else also me to be a little more motivated. I have been paying for a gym membership for a year and I have never used it. Well that too is going to change. I start at Edge Fitness on Monday morning and I will be getting back to my workout routine.

I have to get to the point where I am healthy again. I am not losing weight because I feel fat or anything. I am an attractive young woman with a lot to offer anyone who enters my life. But I think that losing weight will take some pressure off my knees (born with bad knees), increase my metablism, and hopeful cut down on my migraines.  Soooo.....

LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!