Monday, September 17, 2012

The Return Of Bones

I have been a Bones fan since day one. I love Forensics and the writers of this show are amazing. They have finally seen fit to put Brennan and Booth together and then they had to bring the drama.

If you are watching like I am you know that last season ended with Brennan leaving home because she was being framed for murder by Palant (yup, he is a serial killer). With the help of her father, Bennan gets out of town and begins a life on the run. All the time knowing that her friends and Booth were working to find a way for her to be cleared.

Makes you think that in a situation that is dire, who will be in corner. As I get old I realize that I KNOW alot of people but I have very FEW REAL friends. In the situation I am not sure if I have friends who would stand beside me and have my back. What I have learned if that those who call me friend do so because I can do something for them and not because of who I am. And those people are no longer my friends...they are people I know.

So when it comes to those I can trust with my life....the list is small and I can count them on one hand. Because in the end there are few people in this world that you can trust.

I love this show and the cast is amazing!!

Season 8...let go Brennan and Booth!! BONES!!

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