Thursday, January 31, 2013


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Flatout Flatbread (Multi-grain w/Flax)
Ragu Pizza Sauce (Homemade style)
Finely shredded Mozzarella Cheese
Hormel Turkey Pepperoni
Chopped Red Onion
Diced Fresh Roma Tomato
Fresh Spinach Leaves
• Preheat oven to 425˚.  Line a cookie sheet with tin foil (helps make the crust crispy).
• Spread 1/4 cup pizza sauce onto flatbread.  
• Measure out 1/3 cup mozzarella cheese. Sprinkle half of it onto of sauce.
• Top the pizza with 9 slices of turkey pepperoni, a heaping tablespoon of red onion, a handful of diced tomato, and a healthy handful of spinach leaves (I rip them up into smaller pieces).
• Finally top with the remaining mozzarella cheese.  

I let the kids use regular pepperoni and more cheese.
In this one, it looks like I sprinkled on a little cheddar too.

• Bake in oven at 425˚ for about 10 minutes.  Keep an eye on it - I usually don't time it, just pull it out when the sides are crispy and top starts to golden.

• Cool, cut and serve with the side dish of your choice.Like a nice salad!!



I DID IT... I was challenged to loose  4% of my weight in a month. That amounted to 11 pds. Well I steadily lose and the last eight days. I ate nothing but vegetables and turkey; only drank water..and lost 19 pounds. No, I didn't starve myself and I worked out 6 times a week!! I have lost 26.9 pounds. I do not look like I have lost that much. I need to target my mid-section this month. And will do so... gotta a dress I need to get into!! :)

But to make my day even better, I received an email that read: 

From: Run with Jess <>
Date: January 30, 2013, 5:03:03 PM EST
To: Me
Subject: Bonus Prize
Congratulations... you were the Top Winner in the "Run Your A$$ Off" dietbet with -9.7% weight loss.  For that honor, you win a bonus prize. Please email me back your shipping address. Thanks!


RuN HaPpY!

Run with Jess

Now I have more work to do... gotta get my gut to be gone!!! So the next challenge is a Mid-Section Challenge!! Ill keep you posted :)


BREAKFAST: Vegetable Quiche Cups
These are an awesome punch of protein in the morning!  I make a big batch at once, and then freeze.  Only 50 calories each, they are a yummy and healthy way to start the morning.

1 pkg 10oz chopped spinach (thawed)
 7 eggs
3/4 c. shredded cheese
1/4 c. chopped green peppers
1/4 c. chopped red peppers
4-6 drops of hot sauce
1/4 c. onion
3 slices turkey bacon (cooked and crumbled).  
Cook spinach for 2 minutes in microwave and drain excess liquid.  Mix all ingredients into a bowl.  Scoop mixture into foil baking cups, sprayed lightly first with cooking spray.  Bake 350˙ for 20 minutes.  May freeze and reheat in microwave.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Minus 30 & Add .2 = Triumph

Last year I walked the Susan G Komen: Race for the Cure 5K and finished it in 84 mins. And I believed, until today, that I was in better shape then, than I am now. Well yesterday I walked the Moms Run This Town, Virtual Winter Runnerland 5k. I finished 3.4 miles in 54 mins. Which is .2 more miles and 30 mins off my last years time. I am so proud of Mio!

I am down 6 pounds and have 5 more to do to meet my Run Your A$$ Off goal...  Stay tuned!!!

Black Girls Run-Warner Robins

22 DAYS IN!!!!

Well the New Year is here and there is a lot to be thankful for. We all look for things to change or to make better in the new year. Well I am happy that I am here to even go into the next year. 2012 was a hard year and one that taught me a lot about myself. I am prayerful that 2013 will bring me lessons but with less hurt. But sometimes growth is only perpetuated by trials and tribulations.  So with that being said, bring on the growth! (LOL!!) 

We are 22 days into January of 2013. We've brought in the New Years, we have experienced unbelievable events such as Sandy Hook Elementary and two subsequent school shootings. We have made it to the historic Inauguration of Barack H. Obama and the celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr's. Birthday. My Daddy had a great birthday. Tomorrow my Grandmother turns 90!!! My Mom is better shape than I am and is in her late 60's. My Sister is doing good and we are all still here in I am blessed!!! 

So for the next 343 days, I am going to live them to the fullest and I challenge you to do the same. 
We can do it! Life is too fleeting to not take chances! 

To live everyday to the fullest and in the process do something nice for those around you. Be they friend, foe, or stranger! You never know what your presence can add to someones day!