Friday, October 5, 2012

If We All Work Together

I love conscience people. No I am not talking about those who are walking around and breathing. I am talking about those who are conscience and willing to do something to make the world a better place. You can be awake but not aware. You can be alive but not living. You can exist but not benefit from life.
I have worked in the Social Work field for thirteen years. If you ask me what my professional goals are my answer would be to be an effective social worker. I believe in people’s ability to change if they have the want and are offered the right tools. Last year I was faced with a decision and though it was one I do not regret, I miss social work. I was burnt out with a system that if utilized properly could help the families it is meant to help but I was working within a system that was headed by people who had no use for people who did not meet their standards. Yes this is the reality within many of the helping professions.
Everyone is called to do something in this world. We all have our place in this world. My love is helping people. Today I was party to a conversation that reminded me that there are still great people in the world. I now work with the Juvenile Court which governs the Department of Juvenile Justice and the Department of Family & Children Services. You see children and parents are the worst points in their lives and you want to help. There are some you can help and there are others that cannot be helped but that is after making the effort.
One of the guys at DJJ is willing to take his own time and create a Scared Straight program for the boys and girls in the community. The new culture of preteens and teenager seem to believe that they have the right to disrespect their parents, disrespect others and do as they want; and with no consequences. In the end they wind up in system and in front of a judge. This is what this young man is trying to stop. He is not asking for money, he is just asking for help; for the tools needed to get through to a generation that is lost and is evading those who want to help them due to lack of trust and devalue of life.
So what do you do? Is there a solution? Yes there is BUT it has to a collective effort. This world has to care about someone and something other than themselves. There has to be some concern given to those who have not and not at the point that they are in front of a judge. We have people out there who want to help but the funding has been cut and/or the powers that be are not interested.  So when the forgotten cry out for help and no one is listening; what do you expect? They turn to things that are illegal, dangerous, and life threatening.
So the solution is: Funding for programs, prevention and intervention. Trained and caring professionals. Court and law enforcement collaboration.
Great things can happen if we work together!!!

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