Thursday, May 29, 2014

Chasing Life

What if you had lost your father and had to deal with a troubled sister, a young grandmother,and a mother who was failing at keeping it all together. Oh yeah on top of all that you just found out that you have Cancer. This is the premise for the new show Chasing Life, on ABC Family. Today I watched the sneak peek of the show and it made me think....what am I doing with my life?

There is so much that I want to do in the life and as I watched this show about a 24 year old woman I stay still and introspective as a 30 something woman who has not done what she wanted to do in life because she has been taking care of everyone else and has allowed life to pass her by. So now in the later part of her 30s she is trying to make sure that she lives the life that God has made available to her.

That book I want to write is within my power to write.
That trip that I want to take is within my power to take.
That man that I want is within my power to have.
That happiness that I deserve is within my power to have.
BUT HOW...and WHEN...will this process start????

Well the answer is now. I am going to start Chasing Life. In some ways I have already started and I will continue making decisions for MY well being. So in the event that I die tomorrow... I can say that I lived my life. Life is definitely worth chasing and it was made for living.

There is something in life that should make all of us want to chase it!
If you cannot think of anything you might want to rethink how you are living. You are definitely missing out!


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