Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Slow Progress and the New Motivation

There has been very slow progress in my weight lose journey. And that is completely my fault. No excuses here. I just have to do better. So I got up and meditated on the fact that without the right thought process I will continue to be stagnated and not accomplish anything. 

So I went out and paid money for a dress that is two sizes too small and somewhat form fitting so it will tell on me if I don't complete my goal. What goal you ask? 

GOAL: Well the goal is to lose 25 pounds by Christmas. That is exactly 5 months away. I have lost and maintained a 25 pound weight loss before and I am now attempting the next 25. 

ULTIMATE GOAL: The ultimate goal is 75 pounds; which will put me at my ideal weight. Please don't get it wrong. I am happy in my skin. But I just want a little less skin. 

THE PLAN: So what is the plan? The plan is to get back on my workouts and my eating habits. August 1st I begin a Workout and Eating Clean Challenge along with a group of friends (Hey #TeamFIT)...gotta have that accountability partner. I am actively using the My Fitness Pal application on my phone to count my calorie intake.My calorie intake for a day is I have to watch what I eat. I have challenged myself to working out five days... and will work to actually go everyday. I will continue to take part in the Black Girls Run! Challenges and try my darnedest to make it to some of their weekly runs. I will take a least two aerobics classes at the gym per month. (SN: I don't like people watching me when I am working out... so this is a big step). The big hurdle is going to be the food. I am an convenience eater. I eat whats handy and whats quick. With this challenge I will have to prepare for meals and not do what is convenient but do what is healthy.

So I am starting this week trying to get my head right for next week. On Sunday, July 21, I completed the Running Nerds Virtual Marathon & 5K Treadmill Challenge. And actually PR'd (that mean "Personal Record" for you non-runners) at 49 min &.45 sec on the Treadmill. 
Now if I can only get that to translate to pavement. 
Its completely different animal... one that I have not tamed yet. 

So with this new found motivation I am all gong-ho to tackle my weight and also focus on finding things that add to my happiness. So I will continue to work on Preserving My Sexy!! 


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