Wednesday, December 26, 2012


After a year of lessons, trials, and tribulations I can see God in all aspects of my life. My blessings are abundant however I have questioned my relationship with those around me. I have realized that I have been lying to myself for so long that I have begun to believe my lies. My heart hurts because I have sold myself short and lost time that I cannot get back because I was too scared to be honest with myself.  Well that ends today! 

God has to be the center of your life and the other things will fall into place, And I have been playing church. Though I have a relationship with God, that relationship could be and needs to be stronger and more substantial. I was raised in the church and can say without hesitation that I have lost my way. But the change has to begin with me. 

So when all is said and done, change has to start today, has to continue tomorrow, and progress through the rest of time. This will create the perfect set of circumstance where I can be a better version of me. 

.....A Brand New Kind of Me

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