Saturday, October 6, 2012

Switched Off

I love that he loves me
I love the way that he loves me
I love the feel of his lips
I love his hands on my hips
But when I said it out loud
He said it’s not true
He said that he likes me
But he’ll never say “I love you”
So from here on out,
Note to self,
Look at the cards that you are dealt.
If you give all of yourself to someone who doesn’t care
You end up alone and you learn that life is not fair
So love is a fabrication, something that makes no sense
How can I love so hard and always be on the wrong side of the fence
Days come and go and you understand what’s real,
No need to love, and there’s no need to feel.
So I am placing my heart on “off”!

-DMB Original

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